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Negative Space

by Artificial Silence

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Pie As eloquent and prosaic as I am, I cannot improve on the three brief reviews here:

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katsumashi one of my favourite albums I think :) this needs to be way more popular I can see a cult following forming around this album tbh Favorite track: The Advocate.
Carsten Pieper
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Carsten Pieper Immensely rich album, maybe rooted in progressive metal (a tag the band themselves chose), but there's so much more to discover in this 60 plus minutes (including an orchestra and a choir). In fact, beneath all these layers (e.g. the vocal arrangements!), the prog-metallic ingredients (the drumming, the guitars) don't lead to a prog-metallic impression overall. The Advocate makes for a good example for their approach and can only be called majestic :-) Favorite track: The Advocate.
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Skin Deep 06:23
A stifled voice and a tongue bitten in two Forgotten in a shadow of shallow sympathy Passing as ghosts, walking among us Haunted by a spectre of silent shame There is nobody who would not collapse Under the weight of their own mind Or the weight of a lack of humility Insensitive to the invisible, hateful and blind Does sympathy halt at the skin and go no deeper? Complicit hands must make this change
Latency 04:26
Innocent 03:50
I knew a poor young girl She was but seventeen So kind and pure of heart She did not deserve what had come She was so innocent Her smile brought delight to the darkest days But on that fateful night She was robbed of her light The angels took her back When death had said his final word But she was so innocent A life of virtue and grace We’ll carry her spirit through our lives One moment led to death With no way to prevent This fatal tragedy That scarred the lives of those she knew But her heart was innocent It seems so far from just But anger affords no peace of mind
There’s never been a love like these two shared, so selflessly It melts the stolid heart and bitter word, and sheds its light upon this waking dream Do you recall our solemn softly spoken promises? Blessed beneath a canvas of starlight’s warmth Bathed in full moon’s glow And there lay our two souls entwined, arranged in perfect euphony In that moment of perfection I swear as if time had frozen still The absence of all doubt and all worry proves that this is indeed true love And this love shall last, never have hearts rang so true Just keep this simple promise and we’ll make it through
The Advocate 11:42
What do you do when your hero's gone away And no one has an answer, no one seems to understand why? You're all on your own now But though she saw the signs, and spoke her desperate words They failed to cross the lines drawn, patterns unfamiliar With each erratic thought expressed and earnestly heard Her swelling heart endures, as a line connects but another grows I never knew things could end this way With so much hurt, so much pain Oh, I miss you more, much more than my heart has ever felt before What do you do when your hero's left you And you could have been the one to put her mind at ease Obscure and unrecognizable patterns drawn, unknown to their host The depth is beyond what you've been led to believe And so she saw the signs, but every desperate word Became an agent to a helpless situation The stillness of her heart and hands so cold and forlorn She holds for one last time, in the hopes she'll know she'd never leave her side
All it takes is just a little bit of effort All it takes is just a little bit so try and follow to their lead now They think of all that's happened, all that's been bled and sacrificed A little less like her is all they ever wanted her to be Ever the fixation on the thoughts of prying eyes Their stares and muttered musings must be giveaways of what they're thinking of Force assimilation for the shame's too great to bring to light But what would people think if they knew about this condition on their love? Oh, as they stand among the ruins As they watch the panicked tears They flow in ceaseless cycles She leaves the room He says "Today's a lost cause, tomorrow might be better We owe ourselves a brief reprieve" he selfishly suggests "There's nothing we've done to deserve such bitter words" He justifies while lost inside his own self-righteous fantasy Now a careless echo forms in the peaceful place they used to live A shadow of a faux resilience, and their old capacity to give Replaced by the strain and the weight of a lack of humility From an essential source, And why does it ease your mind Can you rest your head in knowing You did all you were willing to do But what is it you're going to lose? You've drawn the line in the difference between What it means to endure and what it means To be so stubborn, to be so inflexible Wallow in the gutter, deny cause this you can't redeem
Manifest 02:00
Expose 03:44
There she sits in a daze In the wake of a ceaseless storm Float through the cracks and the blind spots Now take a deep breath and release (Release) what she held just moments ago It belonged to an unfamiliar self (Sense of self) rearranged in an unfamiliar state She’s constantly reminded this is nothing new, she’s better left to sort this out And no one dares to contemplate the struggle she’s faced (You’re all on your own now) Despite all that she’s shown The space between the words grab hold, as a menacing mirage, an illusion As all that’s left unsaid compounds, and emphasizes fear that someone leaves And one by one they justify, lend credence to this warped perception They feed its growth on dregs of shallow sympathy I know they don’t understand or believe Can hardly believe it myself On another day or another state of mind I can see my response and reaction Through another lense Things look so surreal through perspective I can’t say is mine I am lost within this new duality, an imbalance of my consciousness, a conflict between heart and hand No second guessing You’re all underwhelmed This is real The space between the words grab hold, as a menacing mirage, an illusion As all that’s left unsaid compounds, and emphasizes fear that someone leaves And one by one they justify, lend credence to this warped perception They feed its growth on dregs of shallow sympathy
Aseptic minds create a narrative Prescribing sentences to formula And so your fate has been set out for you Now the healing can begin We see the signs, and let them justify A framework built and kept alive for our convenience Imagine all you could accomplish If those around you recognized What if you’re not an aberration What if this wasn’t something that you had to hide Embrace a new perspective Indulge an opportunity As you realize what they say could be a selfish luxury Don’t deify conformance Reject the hardened hearts that stigmatize And one by one they’ll fall in line And maybe they’ll concede in time Maybe with this consequence they’ll learn and start to understand what they failed to provide
The Empath 04:27
I’m trying to understand this feeling that won’t let go I watch what they’re going through, their sorrow I see It’s out of my control And now I’m lost in a moment I’m lost in a dream Who’s to say my intuition is not a gift that needed just just some nurturing? I’ll bite my tongue and stifle my voice, retreat to a shadow Somewhere I can find some peace Was it the weight of my own mind that led me here Or the complicit hands of everyone that I love?


Negative Space, Artificial Silence's debut album, takes listeners on an evocative journey through lush, progressive soundscapes. Artfully blending technical proficiency with deep, conceptual storytelling, the band, along with a host of guest musicians including a full choir and orchestra, constructs a world where each track unfolds a new chapter. Full of intricately crafted compositions, Negative Space invites fans of sophisticated, narrative-driven prog music to immerse themselves in a listening experience that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant. Give it a listen today.


released April 13, 2018

Artificial Silence is:

Joe Crandall, Nabil Fadili, Rylie Nelson, Austin Schend
All music and lyrics written and performed by Artificial Silence

Jamie King - Mixing and Mastering
Sean Murphy - Additional Engineering
Nhi Hoang - Artwork
Katie Stutts - Photography
Meadow Ruth Amster - Story Consultant

Max Marcus - Cello in Skin Deep
Torsen Necessary - Flute in Innocent and Expose
Joe Zak - Trumpet in In the Midst of a Dream
Evin Lambert - Synth solos in Our Happy Home

The Orchestra
Conducted by Austin Schend

Flute - Torsen Necessary
Oboe - Marissa Dallaire
Clarinet - Lyndi Knox
Bassoon - TJ Mallos
Trombone - Nathan Tunheim
Percussion - Orion Schomber, Eric Zabala
Piano - Rylie Nelson
Harp - Alec Sjoholm
Violin I - Julie Chu, Hannah Gorham, Sarah Swift
Violin II - Jeeny Chung, Kate Schneider, Anita Zeng
Viola - Phyllis Jenkins, Sophie Robinson
Cello - Steven Moncado, Kaitlynn Turner

The Choir
Conducted by Austin Schend

Sopranos - Haley Kim, Julie Landes, Marissa Moultrie, Stephanie Pfundt, Emily Shane
Altos - Lydia Bill, Gillian Dockins, Alicia Hoag, Kiana Norman-Slack, Hannah Rausch
Tenors - Daniel Beal, Joshua Carlisle, Tupu Doiron, Michael Greer, Dylan Harm, Logan Kropp
Basses - Ale Doiron, Karl Eickhoff, Ethan Moon, Aron Roberts, Dalton Rouse, Manuel Tirado


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Artificial Silence

Hailing from Tacoma, WA, USA, Artificial Silence weaves tapestries of sound that defy categorization, earning them high praise for their album 'Negative Space’ from various prog communities around the internet. With a blend of narrative depth and sonic exploration, their work invites listeners on an immersive journey. Check out Negative Space today!

Inquiries: artificialsilenceband@gmail.com
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